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Don't Get Burdened By Patient Lifts

Caregivers and healthcare workers who must lift patients as part of their daily job can face challenges with this particular task. While mechanical lifts make it much easier to move and lift patients and can help reduce the ergonomic risks associated with manual patient handling, they can also introduce other workplace hazards. Listen to this podcast for tips on how to reduce risk while using patient lifts.

  • Released: March 11, 2013
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How Psychosocial Factors Affect Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Disorders

Dr. Birgitte Blatter, Business Line Manager of Healthy, Vital and Safe Work at TNO in the Netherlands explores the role workplace psychosocial factors play in the development of musculoskeletal symptoms and disorders.

Dr. Blatter is also a featured presenter for CCOHS’ Forum IV that will take place October 29th and 30th, 2012 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  • Released: September 5, 2012
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« How Psychosocial Factors Affect Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Disorders»

Description : Mme Birgitte Blatter, Gestionnaire des activités du secteur des milieux de travail sains, vitaux et sécuritaires de l’institut TNO des Pays-Bas, traite du rôle des facteurs psychosociaux  en milieu de travail sur l’apparition des troubles musculo-squelettiques et de leurs symptômes.

Mme. Blatter sera conférencier invité à l’occasion du IVe Forum, qui aura lieu les 29 et 30 octobre 2012.

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Just a Bump or a Ganglion Cyst?

You may find out that the unsightly bump on your hand or wrist causing you pain or discomfort is a "ganglion cyst”, and it may be caused by the type of work you do. This podcast from CCOHS talks more about ganglions, what causes them, and how you may prevent them.

Released: February 17, 2011
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Prolonged Sitting: The Risks of Sitting Too Long

CCOHS highlights the health issues surrounding prolonged sitting at work, and what workers can do to avoid the risks of sitting too long.

Released: October 13, 2011
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Car Seat Ergonomics

Dhananjai Borwankar, Technical Specialist at CCOHS explains how drivers can adjust their car seats to ensure proper posture and eliminate pains and strains while driving.


Released:September 27, 2011
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« Car Seat Ergonomics »

Dhananjai Borwankar, spécialiste technique pour le compte du CCHST, explique comment les conducteurs peuvent ajuster leur siège pour conserver une posture adéquate et ainsi éliminer douleurs et tensions au volant.

Date de diffusion: Le 27 septembre 2011
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Proper Lighting in the Workplace



CCOHS explores how poor lighting can affect worker productivity, and offers tips on conducting a lighting audit.


Released: September 15, 2011
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